Because Your Honeymoon is Special …


There are few holidays we will take in our life which will be as important as our honeymoon. The first time away as husband and wife is special, and one which allows you to look back on what was the biggest day of your life, and enjoy everything the future has to hold. Of course, your destination should be a compromise between the two of you, offering somewhere you have both dreamed of visiting, somewhere which offers a blend of activities, and somewhere typically beautiful.

If you are struggling to think of where you can head for your special time away, check out these few ideas.

Sri Lanka

This Indian Ocean island is famous for its wonderful blend of wildlife, nature, scenery, and culture, and a visit here will certainly captivate your imagination. The numerous tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya will show you a little of authentic life, as well as visiting the very popular elephant orphanage, and the most sacred temple on the island in Kandy.


If you’ve ever dreamed of staying in one of those bungalows which sit over the sea, with all manner of tropical marine-life swimming underneath your feet, then Bali should be your destination. Of course, it’s not all idyllic beaches, although they certainly help, but you can also get out and explore the nature and scenery of this beautiful destination, visiting local markets and shopping for souvenirs.


If you want the epitome of paradise, then you should certainly go to the Seychelles. You have a choice of resorts, depending on what you want to do whilst you’re away; Mahe Island has larger resorts, with more active pursuits to enjoy, and Praslin and La Digue are great for those wishing for a quieter, more secluded kind of break for their honeymoon. Romance with a capital R!


If you fancy somewhere a little closer to home then Paris is certainly a city of love. A romantic ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower, a cruise down the Seine, and dinner in a swanky restaurant with a Michelin star or two, Paris is a city break filled with more than enough sights to see for a special honeymoon.

Caribbean cruise

The chance to see several beautiful Caribbean islands within the space of one break is something special regardless of the holiday situation. Cruises are much cheaper than they ever used to be, and you can easily upgrade to a sea view cabin, especially if you book a cruise such a Royal Caribbean one, where you get an experience more adult-focused, rather than families.

Kenyan safari

A twin break holiday, such as a beach break in Mombasa, followed by or preceded by safari and spotting of the Big Five, really is a once in a lifetime experience, and the chance to do it together on your honeymoon is something very special indeed. It’s a good idea to perhaps do your safari first, so you can relax afterwards, as you might not realize how tiring the experience can be!

Hopefully these few ideas will have given you food for thought when it comes to your honeymoon experience.

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