Which Greek Island is Best for Me?

Photo Credit: dianaleila29 via photopin cc

Photo Credit: dianaleila29 via photopin cc

With over 2,000 islands, Greece has literally a spot to suit anyone.  The islands are filled with ancient history, beautiful beaches, and welcoming Greek culture.  Deciding which of the many gorgeous islands to visit is obviously a bit difficult.  First you need to figure out what the most important aspect of your vacation is and then narrow down your choices from there.  Below we have listed some of our own favorite Greek Islands for the beach lovers, partiers, romantics, and more.

Best for Beach Lovers: Skiathos

It’s near impossible to find a Greek island without a truly breathtaking beach and there is endless debate on which island has the best of the best.  You could spend years island hopping in search of your favorite but if you only have a short trip, head to Skiathos.  Here you will find 65 beaches, more than enough to keep you satisfied.  You can head to the main 1200m-long Koukounaries Beach for a nice vibe, remote secluded beaches for a moment of peaceful reflection, or even to nudist-friendly Banana Beach.  

Best for Foodies: Crete

At the cornerstone of Greek cuisine you have rich olive oils and great seafood which you can find in any of the Greek islands.  If you want to taste one of the world’s truly great cuisines though, head for Crete.  The traditional diet of the island has been studied for its incredible health benefits and it is a well known fact that the people of Crete have lower cancer rates, less heart attacks, and some of the longest living people on the planet.  The cuisine is not only healthy but delicious with plenty of seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, herbs, and honey.  

Best for Partygoers: Mykonos or Ios

Choosing the best Greek island for partiers is not an easy task.  Many of the islands are known for great nightlife and incredible parties.  In the end we narrowed it down to two islands – Mykonos and Ios.  Ios is known around the world as one of the top party islands with a really wild nightlife scene.  It is especially popular with the younger crowds and the high season for nightlife is definitely the summer months of July and August.  Mykonos is also a great place for partygoers but fits a more relaxed crowd.  Rather than huge clubs, Mykonos has more beach bars or classy lounges with a cosmopolitan feel.

Best for Families: Rhodes

The Greek Islands as a whole are a very family friendly place but even more so on the island of Rhodes.  The island is one of the best islands for history and families often enjoy the educational part of the visit most of all.  Besides the ruins, the island also has a number of “Blue Flag” winning beaches which designates clean, safe, well managed beaches.  Add in a visit to the Aquarium and Butterfly Valley which are both very popular with children.    

Best for Romantics: Santorini

The Greek Islands are very popular with honeymooners and once you visit, it is easy to see why.  Combine breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, great food, incredible beaches, and luxury hotels and you are bound to spark some romance.  The best island for lovers is debatable but we like Santorini for its picturesque blue and white villages, beautiful sunsets, and great service.  It is a very popular place to get married as well as honeymoon and to escape the crowds for a romantic afternoon alone, you only have to rent a scooter and head out of the village.

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