Fancy a Weekend Away? Head to Europe


When it comes to weekends away, you have infinite choice if you turn your head towards mainland Europe. From beach getaways to cultural city breaks, Europe has it all, and the hardest thing about it all is deciding where to go.

If you fancy a few days away from the hum-drum of work, you will no doubt find that a cheap flight with a low cost airline to a European city will probably cost you less than a train fare to your own capital city! When you put that into perspective, it’s not hard to figure out why more and more of us are heading to Europe.

If you need a little inspiration to whittle down your choice of European weekend destinations, check out these few ideas.


The Czech Republic’s own wonderful blend of old versus new, Prague is hugely popular for many reasons. Of course, you can go to Prague for a weekend on a stag do, and the beer is certainly cheap enough to cater for your needs, with vibrant nightlife to boot, or you could head off on a cultural tour of the many beautiful sights the city has to offer, such as the famous Astronomical Clock, or Prague Castle. Low cost airlines head to Prague no matter what the month, and the winter months and Christmas are especially popular.


Whether you’re a football fan wanting to visit the famous Nou Camp stadium, or you fancy watching the world go by with a coffee in Las Ramblas, Barcelona is a wonderful city to visit. Architecture, history, culture, and fantastic shopping make up everything this Spanish city has to offer, and again, it is served by low cost airlines. Barcelona is also very well placed to explore this part of Spain a little more if you so wish.


When it comes to history and sightseeing, you would struggle to find a city better than Rome. One visit will not be enough, so you’re going to have to prioritise your sightseeing needs on this one! Vatican City, the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, or the Pantheon, these are just a handful of Rome’s many sights to explore. Of course, you could also make do with trying some authentic Italian food in a restaurant and watching the world go by!


Another Italian favourite, Venice is a city like no other. A romantic gondola ride down the Grand Canal, visiting Murano Island, checking out Saint Mark’s Basilica, Venice is a beautiful city and one which will certainly fill up your camera memory card. It’s a given that Venice isn’t the cheapest city break on the planet, but it is certainly one you should explore at least once.


Ah, the city of love! Paris is wonderful to explore as a couple, a family, a lone traveller, or as a group, as it really does have something for everyone. The Eiffel Tower is without a doubt the most famous landmark this city has to offer, but a cruise down the River Seine, visiting the Louvre, and checking out the Champs Elysees are just a few things to keep you very occupied during your time in the French capital.

These are just five suggestions, and there are many more – how about Marrakech, Lisbon, Berlin, Oslo, Copenhagen, or Milan as alternatives? The list really does go on.

Photo Credit: Morning in Prague, The Czech Republic via photopin (license)

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