Taking a Working Holiday in Australia

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G’day mate!

Without wanting to coin a cliché which I quite seamlessly just did anyway. Who doesn’t dream of waking up every morning to the sun, the crashing of the surf, a laid-back lifestyle and a friendly atmosphere on every corner?

Not many people.

This explains probably why so many people dream of taking a year or so out and heading off on a working holiday to Australia. Money doesn’t grow on trees so working is the ideal way to fund travel with the ease of moving around the country made easier with flight passes and bus hopping tickets.

Whether you’re wanting a try before you buy kind of break to see whether this move could be a permanent fixture for you or whether you’re just wanting a year out for yourself. Australia offers a landscape experience, trade and area for everyone. There are options out there regardless of your niche whether it’s fruit picking, bar work, medical jobs, nursing or more specialised work.

Of course, it’s not always as easy as deciding to do it and jetting off, so what do you need to bear in mind?

Do your research first

You need to decide on whether you’re wanting to base yourself in one place or travel around. If you’re wanting to base yourself, look at what jobs there are and how much call there is for your trade. If you’re particularly interested in the construction, trade or mining industries, then check out trade jobs NSW for opportunities.

Check out visa information

You will need a working visa as part of your dream and to get this you will need to show that you have money in the bank. Save up, show it, apply for it.

Talk to an expert

There are countless companies out there especially the gap year type companies who are specialised in what you need to do to achieve your working holiday dream. Talk to someone expert and if you can, talk to someone who’s been there and done it too. The best companies out there will be made up of people who have done exactly the same thing in their past and these are the people best placed to advise you not only on what you need practically but also the more emotional side of things such as how to deal with being so far away from home.

Consider a starter tour

The idea of a starter tour is basically a group of likeminded individuals who are all starting off on a working holiday and many companies will put together an orientation week. This is often in Sydney and you will be met off the plane and put up in a hotel for a week, whilst various fun activities are arranged for you and plentiful information throw at you in the process. The aim is to meet people in the same situation as you.


Don’t forget you will need travel insurance and in the case of a working holiday to a far-flung country such as Australia you will need long-stay insurance. Call up your insurance company and find out the wherefores of the product you’re looking at and do shop around.

Flight passes/bus hopping tickets

If you’re planning on travelling around whilst you work, then you might find you save money by purchasing a flight pass or bus hopper ticket. Again, specialised companies are the place to go for information on this.

Organising a dream and adventure as big as a working holiday in Australia takes time and patience, but is it worth it? Definitely!

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