The Mystery of the Far East


Few cities are more mysterious and intriguing than those which are found in the Far East. From Shanghai to Beijing, Tokyo to Yokohama, these cities ooze something a little different to anywhere else, and that means they are instantly attractive to anyone who is looking to visit somewhere completely alien to them in many ways.

If this sounds like your way of thinking, have you ever thought about heading to Hong Kong?

A city which is as futuristic as it is historic, as large as it is compact, and as frenetic as it is laid back, this is a city that will certainly have your curiosity on high alert, because there is so much to see and do!

Of course, getting around any city in the world is a concern when you don’t know too much about it, but research is key in these circumstances. Hong Kong’s main airport is situated a fair distance from what is classed as central Hong Kong, i.e. the Downtown area. For that reason, you need to figure out how you’re going to get to your hotel once you land, and whilst there are a few options, namely the shuttle and hiring a taxi, why not make your break one to truly remember, and get from the terminal building to your hotel in style? Hiring a limo isn’t as expensive as many people consider it to be, and it’s a fantastic way to get a personalised service, saving time in the process.

Once in the city, you really need to have a vague idea at the very least in terms of what you want to see. Yes, Hong Kong is packed with those dizzy skyscrapers and huge air-conditioned shopping malls, but it is also packed with more cultural sights too, including several lavishly decorated temples and sites of worship. You should certainly make sure that you do your online research ahead of time and pinpoint what you want to see. You should also not miss out on the natural sites of interest which are a stone’s throw out of the city centre itself; there are some spots to get some simply amazing photos, including panoramic views over the city’s skyscraper dominated line. It’s really all about being prepared.

Of course, Hong Kong is also influenced by its neighbours, so cuisine-wise you’re not going to struggle to find something mouth-wateringly amazing to taste. From Japanese dishes to Chinese, Thai to Singapore specials, there is a meal choice no matter what your taste buds are craving.

If you’re looking for mystery and intrigue, Hong Kong is basically the place for you!

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